They don’t even want you.

Ya i know, it’s hard to leave someone who makes your days more colourful. But, you need to know something. They don’t even want you.

When you willingly give everything you got just to make ’em happy. But all they gave is nothing. They don’t even want you. You’ve to understand that. You are nothing in their eyes.

Leave ’em, leave ’em before it’s too late. Before your heart break into shards. ‘Cause it’s hard, really hard to restore it. Leave ’em, just leave.

Don’t be stupid. Don’t waste your time to love someone who doesn’t even love you. Just thing about it. How many times you wanna spend to make ’em realize that you are in love with ’em. If they don’t want you, you just wasting your time. If you just focused on this person and ignore everyone else, even yourself. You’ll lost your real love line. Someone who really love you. And you’ll never know that there is someone who really loves you. Don’t be stupid.

I know exactly how it’s feel to leave someone that you love. I’m in that position right now. I kniw you’re confused, what you’ve to do, ’cause i feel that too. And if you still don’t wanna leave’ em, i understand ’cause i either. That is so hard as hell.

I know your struggles for ’em. You already breaks your limits, right?. but you still don’t wanna leave ’em, right?. that’s okay, that’s means you’re a nice person. Keep going on that shit. That’s awesome.

But admit it;

  • They don’t want you
  • You need to move on
  • You need to know yourself
  • Your life didn’t depends on ’em
  • Someone loves you
  • You’ve to leave ’em

Try! even though it’s hard. I’m trying right now, lets do it together. You’re not the only one who suffering with this kinda shit. Don’t hurt yourself too much, that’s enough. Let your heart rest, Let your body and your mind rest. That’s not worth with all the things you give to ’em. It’s time to leave..

that’s it from me, cya on my next post. thank u \/,,